My Daddy Rocks

My Daddy Rocks

I would like to formally apologize for last night and acknowledge my dad for being so awesome. Late last night, when I gifted Mommy with what we now refer to as ‘The Great Pooplosion of May 2013’ Daddy picked me right up and gave me a bath at 11:30 while Mommy got cleaned up. And when I started crying and couldn’t be consoled, Daddy came in and tried every trick in the book, and even tried creating some new ones. And then, when Mommy delivered me to Daddy with the directive that she needed a break for a while, Daddy never complained or fussed. He took me, tried to calm me down, and then defrosted some of my favorite stuff (milk) so that I could enjoy it while going to sleep. And then he slept with me the rest of the short night, making him late for his first day back, but helping to restore Mommy’s sanity. Thanks, Daddy- you’re my superhero. Mom’s, too:)

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